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Why Shop Here

Why Shop Here?  

  • Each purchase you make at the Absher Bookstore supports students, Wilkes Community College, and our community. We help clubs, support student scholarships, and aid campus improvements. When you purchase from us, you are giving back to WCC and our students.
  • We work with WCC faculty to ensure that you have the right course materials. If you get the wrong book, you can return it. We guarantee that.
  • The bookstore staff are trained to know all the options for your courses and will help guide you through the selection process. Let’s face it: negotiating textbook options is not always easy. We can help!
  • We work hard to give you the best pricing possible and offer low cost or no cost alternatives.
  • We offer high quality DELL EMC laptops with a multi-year Pro-Support warranty. You can’t get this quality and this value just anywhere!
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