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Store Policies

Refunds may be granted provided the following are observed:

  • Cash register receipt is REQUIRED.
  • New textbooks must be in new condition, including supplemental materials, CDs and/or access codes.
  • Access codes must not have the covering removed and may not be accessed.  
  • Shrink wrapped textbooks must still be in shrink wrap.
  • Full refund may be granted through the first week of classes or 7 days after purchase.
  • Partial refund may be granted during the second and third week of classes (except during summer term), at the discretion of management. 
  • Refund will be in the same manner as payment (e.g. check for check, credit card for credit card, cash for cash, and financial aid for financial aid.)
  • Refunds for non-textbook purchases must be made promptly and returns after one month will be accepted at the discretion of the bookstore manager.